Jill P. Michaels, Esq., Founder and Chairman

David Kaminow Esq., Of Counsel, Bankruptcy and Litigation


At the Law Offices of Jill Michaels in the Rockville area, we are a family owned and operated business that specialize in representing the needs and requirements of the individuals and companies in the DC Metropolitan Area.

Our extensive experience in landlord tenant negotiations include: bankruptcy; loan modification; contracts; real estate, commercial, and residential negotiations; and family law.

As a small woman owned business, the Law Offices of Jill Michaels pride ourselves on the fact that we provide our clients with the best possible legal solutions to current legal or financial problems. If you are drowning in debt, then speak to our experts on the option of declaring bankruptcy. It may be your best option to help you get back on track.

If you are struggling to meet your monthly mortgage payments, then let us take a look at your current loan terms. We can help you start the loan modification process to ensure you get the best interest rates possible and that you get the best terms for your loans.

If you have taken ill and cannot pay your loans, then speak to our professionals before you lose your home to foreclosure. We can help you to begin short sale negotiations to help reduce the burden or help you not lose your property.

Whether you are struggling with financial debt, or just need sound legal advice, stop by the Law Offices of Jill Michaels in Rockville today and see how our legal experts can be of service to you.