Family Law


Our chief litigation attorney practices family law in Maryland.  As a lawyer that has been through the process of divorce personally, he is an understanding and compassionate advocate for the rights of his clients, women and men alike.

He occupies a unique niche in the family law field. He combines the practical skills of a seasoned commercial litigator who worked at large D.C. law firms during the first decade of his legal career with a personal knowledge of the family law process in Montgomery County, Maryland.

His approach to family law is as follows:

  • He will present all of your options to you, including litigation, in a manner that respects your preferences and evaluates the most cost effective way to achieve the outcomes that best suits the client;

  • He will help you to keep in your sights a family oriented/child centered approach to family law and advise you as to the proper ways to protect the best interests of your children;

  • He will advise you that negotiation, mediation and a collaborative law process may provide you the option of reducing some of the expense and emotional toll of your impending divorce.

Practice Areas include:

  • Separation and Divorce

  • Alimony

  • Marital Separation Agreements

  • Contempt Actions for Violations

  • Modification of Child Support

  • Child Custody

  • Prenuptial Agreements

  • Private adoption