I’d Like to….

Prevent Foreclosure

Having legal assistance when facing foreclosure helps simplify the process and saves money. If you are struggling to pay your mortgage you have options and we can help. Contact us.

Modify a Loan

The Law Offices of Jill Michaels can help you modify a loan and make paying your mortgage less of a burden. Our lawyers can guide you down the right path to making payments more affordable, providing you with peace of mind. Contact us.

Sell my Home

At Jill Michaels, we can help to bring you the best results possible when selling your home. Whether you don’t know where to start or you are ready to sell today, tell us how we can make the process easier. Contact us.

Get Bankruptcy Help

The Law Offices of Jill Michaels can help you face bankruptcy with confidence. The process is not easy, but it can help you on your way to a fresh start. Contact us.

Discuss my Options

The Law Offices of Jill Michaels provides a number of services including foreclosure defense, bankruptcy, and estate planning. Contact us to discuss your options and what we can do for you.