Junghoon Samuel “Sam” Kim, Esq.

Of Counsel

During his law school, Sam interned for a judge at the Circuit Court for the Montgomery County in Maryland and clerked for civil / criminal litigation attorneys at a prestigious law firm in Maryland.  After law school, he worked as an associate at an immigration law firm where he was trained to deal with various types of immigration cases before USCIS, ICE, CBP, BIA, and Immigration Courts.  He has handled over 700 immigration cases and 400 business buy/sell transactions involving commercial leasing matters.

Court of Appeals of Maryland
Court of Appeals of District of Columbia

J.D. University of Baltimore School of Law
B.A. University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) with Major in Political Science

Circuit Court for Montgomery County, Rockville, Maryland
(Drafted a judicial opinion on a civil litigation case)

Maryland Land Title Insurance Producer since 2006 – Residential / Commercial Property
Member of Lawyer’s Distinction in Immigration Law
Highest Grade (Litigation Class)

Immigration and Naturalization Law
Maryland Adoption Hearing
Business Acquisition and Corporate Law

English and Korean


  • Represented cases in Calendar Hearings, Motion Hearings and Individual Merit Hearings

  • Argued before the immigration courts located in Baltimore (MD), Arlington – Crystal City (VA), York (PA), Philadelphia (PA), Atlanta (GA), Miami (FL), and El Paso (TX)

  • Drafted and filed Motion to Continue, Motion to Expediate Hearing, Motion to Set Bond Hearing, Motion to Redetermine Bond, Motion to Change Venue, Motion to Stay of Deportation (filed with Board of Immigration Appeals), Joint Motion to Reopen (successfully moved the Office of Chief Counsel to join Respondent in the motion), Motion to Rescind IN ABSENTIA REMOVAL ORDER, Reopen, and Stay of Removal

  • Application for Adjustment of Status granted by the Court based on the bona fide marriage of Respondent under INA 245(i)

  • Application for Adjustment of Status granted by the Court for a battered spouse of USC (and Respondent’s son who was over 21 at the time of the proceedings)

  • Application for Adjustment of Status for a spouse of USC who had an outstanding removal order due to failure to depart the US upon voluntary departure order that lapsed the 10-year statutory period

  • Cancellation of Removal Granted for a permanent resident with a criminal conviction for distributing controlled substances (day rape drug) (this PR alien was arrested, processed, and transported to Baltimore, York and then to El Paso; I traveled to El Paso, TX and motioned to change venue and set bond; PR back to a detention facility in MD; Court set calendar hearing after 3 months; the merit hearing started at 10 a.m. continued 3 hours; and finally the presiding immigration judge exercised discretionary authority to cancel removal proceedings weighing positive factors)

  • Adjustment of Status (I-485) granted under 245(i) by the Court for an illegally entered spouse of USC who was ordered removal in the previous In Absentia hearing

  • Renewed I-485 before the Court for an illegally entered alien based on INA 245(i), INA 204(j) and 106 of AC 21 (Employer Portability) and granted I-485

  • Termination of Removal Proceedings for a foreign student with revoked status but subsequently reentered with F-1 visa – Respondent was later reinstated by SEVIS

IMMIGRATION CUSTOM AND ENFORCEMENT (Office of Enforcement and Removal in Baltimore, MD)

  • Waiver based on humanitarian grounds approved for stay of deportation – such approval was rendered 1 day prior to petitioner’s scheduled departure at BWI; the petitioner has been ordered to appear at ICE with personal belonging for departure

  • Voluntary Departure granted by ICE for aliens with outstanding removal order

  • Obtained Administrative Closure applications reviewed by Office of Chief Counsel and granted by the Court on multiple cases

 Immigration Representation before USCIS

  1. Non-immigrant visas

    • F-1 student visas; F-1 reinstatement

    • E-2 foreign national investor’s visas based on purchase of the following business types: drycleaners, cafeteria, beauty supplies, restaurant, seafood retailer, deli and sub shops, online wholesaler, etc

    • H-1B specialty occupations: actuaries, accountant, attorney, chiropractor, acupuncturist, choir director, minister, computer programmer, HR manager, etc

    • L-1 Visa for a Korean national start-up of a water purifier company

    • R-1 Religious Workers and subsequent I-360 petitions

  2.  Employment-based immigrant visas

  •  PERM processing

  • EB-3: Unskilled and Skilled-workers such as alteration tailors, cooks, auto-body mechanics, auto mechanics, merchant displayers, bookkeepers, fire alarm technician, carpenters, roofers, siding installers, etc

  • EB-2: Executive with MBA degree; finance analysis with MBA; software engineers

  • EB-1: Extra ordinary self-petitioned researcher / professor with Ph.D

  • USCIS Motion to Reopen/ Reconsider; Appeals – reopened cases and subsequent grant of permanent resident status on the following cases:

    • 245(i) denial due to lack of physical presence

    • I-485 denial due to lack of employer’s ability to Pay

    • F-1 reinstatement cases for incorrect program start date

    • F-2 status denial due to late filing and SEVIS inactive record

    • Change of employer during pendency of I-485 under AC21

    • Adoption / I-130 cases for lack of parental control

Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Cecil, Howard, Montgomery, Prince George’s, St. Mary’s Counties

  • Petitioned kinship and non-relative adoption cases and obtained final adoption orders (some granted adoption cases were furthered, after the 2-year mandatory residence period, with USCIS I-130 and I-485 applications resulting in adjustment of status)

  • (one adoption hearing lasted over 2 hours prompting direct, cross and de-direct examination, but the final judgment was in favor of the petitioner)

(handled over 400 business buy/sell transactions of the following business types)

  • Franchises: Exxon Gas Station, Five Guys, Parcel Plus, Subway, CA Tortilla, America’s Best Wings (14 stores), Auntie Annes Pretzel, Salad Works, Etc.

  • Business Acquisition through Bankruptcy Trustee / Receiver Sales

International Grocery Chains – New Grand Mart

  •  Types of Businesses that Closed as Settlement Attorney involving SBA Loans

    • International Supermarkets, Restaurants, Dentist Offices, Barbershops, Drycleaners, Liquor Stores, Deli Shops, Barbershops, Beauty Supplies, Print Shop, Newsstand, Gas Stations, Cigars, Farm Fresh Retailers, Etc.

HANDLED OVER 200 + Leasing Matters:

  • New Leases, Assignments, Amendments, Modifications, Renewals, Etc.


  • Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Montgomery County, PG County, Anne Arundel County, and Howard County (also Washington, DC without hearing)


  • Nondisclosed v. RED BULL on Alleged Gray Market Products

  • Reinstatement of WIG License Terminated by MD State

  • Drycleaners v. Landlord Involving Perc-Spilled and Soil Contamination Cases

  • Beauty Salon Operation without a License

  • Restaurant in Violation of ABC Regulation by Selling Alcohol to Under-Aged

  • Tenant v. Landlord Early Termination Cases Due to Lack of Business


Formation of INC, LLC, PLLC, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, Etc

Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Articles of Organization, LLC Operating Agreement, Minutes and Resolutions, Partnership Agreement, Investment Agreement, Etc

Employment Agreement, Independent Contractor Agreement, Disciplinary Action

Confessed Judgment Promissory Note, UCC 1 / UCC 3 Resolution